The Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Elliptical Trainer Machines

We have scrutinized and made one checklist which you should consider before buying the Elliptical Machine for your workout purpose.


If you are looking to complete advanced fitness goals and you are interested in heart rate monitoring programs and a more advanced technical console, you may want to look into standard or high-end models, usually starting at $1,500 and going significantly higher. The bottom line is that do not pay for more if you want less, so know your goals before and stay within your price range based on your needs to achieve your fitness goals.


Find out those top-rated brands through rating websites, product reviews and more. You should also visit the manufacturers’ websites and even their Facebook pages to see who else is using their equipment. Often the top notched brands make the commercial equipment used in gyms and health clubs.

After-Sell Service

Often, the highest level of service will come from a specialty fitness retailer. Purchasing online is often less expensive, but you will need to do more research beforehand about the products you want, and often must assemble the equipment yourself when it arrives – though this varies by shopping sites.


If you choose to purchase online, try and find a way to test the equipment through a friend, gym, spa or any hotel. The ideal manufacturers often sell commercial products, so you can have a feel for their equipment somewhere else. Note that it isn’t really fair for you to go into their store,s to retail sales staff take up their time then go purchase cheaper somewhere else.


Its stationary handlebars can be preferred if you are not interested in the moderate upper-body cardio workout. However, if you are up to doing a cardio workout, then its movable handlebars would be a good choice. If you are in the first category you can save the money by choosing an elliptical that is having non-movable handlebars.


While you may find yourself, simply excited and getting started for the first few workouts, but you’ll want to consider the long term. A variety of workouts will help you to avoid that dreaded fitness plateau, while heart rate monitoring provides you the smarter and better results in less time. You can even keep yourself get going with your favorite music.


The main agenda of the elliptical trainer is how it provides resistance. You can get a harder workout with the help of magnetic resistance that can depend on your workout program. Like the brakes on a car, it has got braking magnetic resistance. There is no friction and wear involved in the magnetic resistance.

Powered Incline Ramp

Many Elliptical Trainers allow the adjusting of the ramp so that you can elevate it, as if going up a hill, making the workout more challenging which can be done manually and must be done before starting your workout. Or you can also get an elliptical with a powered incline, which raises the ramp with using the motor. This can be done while you are working out, or the elliptical will adjust it automatically while you are using one of the built-in programs.

Console Screen

Elliptical Trainer features electronic console with one or more screens that will let you how long you have been on the elliptical, the level of difficulty, the speed, and even heart rate. Expensive elliptical trainers come with backlit screens. There are two types of displays, the LED (usually red or orange), and LCD screens. The LED screens are naturally backlit whereas LCD screens can be backlit or not. We can predict that more LCD screens will be coming in the upcoming models.


Moving handgrips should be easy to reach and not forcing your wrists into an awkward position. The elliptical path should also feel comfortable. For most people, pedals should be designed as close together as possible. And the moving handgrips and fixed frame components must not interfere with your arms, shoulders or knees.


Search for a warranty that offers three to seven years of coverage on parts and minimum one year on labor. Most elliptical trainers offer a lifetime warranty on the frame. More expensive machines tend to come with longer parts and labor warranty. Our surveys suggest that an extended warranty isn’t worth it.

Who are the Users?

If more than one person will be using the elliptical, then everybody should try it out. The users may vary in different sizes for that you may need an elliptical trainer with an adjustable stride length to comfortably accommodate all of them.